Slow Boot Latest Version

I just installed netrunner rolling on this box I have had antergos cinnamons and Manjaro KDE.and had no issues with boot time. It takes about 35 seconds once it reach the block check screen… Any ideas what could be wrong?

Just for some clarification, what do you mean by “the block check screen”?
Could you please post your system specs, as well as the output of systemd-analyze blame.

Well it is resolved now I went through and removed all the packages that I am not going to use vpn, modem manager, ppp clients, games not sure what else but the boot time was not slow. When I was having the problem I did run the systemd-analyze blame and it didn’t show anything as being a problem. The block check screen is in the boot process where it checks the hdd blocks just before it launches into SDDM. It would stick there for 35 seconds.

Oh, block check, aka fschk.{type} (inode scan & fix). That’s run via systemd, which runs everything in parallel, so what’s on the screen is not necessarily what is currently running and/or hanging the system. That’s why I asked for the blame output, to see what was taking so much time.

When it was stuck for 35 seconds was there a running process wait timer?
If so, do you remember what it said the process was?

I’m thinking it was probably either modem manager, or network manager, taking a bit of time looking for, and/or bringing up, connections. Sometimes these a quick, sometimes they are not, especially now arch has changed network manager to use it’s internal DHCP client by default… However, the virtualbox-host-modules have also been known to cause this kind of issue as well.

Anyway, I’m glad you have it resolved.

No running timers or indication of why process it was…Keep in mind I had latest version of Manjaro on this same laptop and did not have this issue.

Could be a kernel difference.
For the Netrunner Rolling ISO’s we ship with the latest available stable kernel at that time. (2018.08 --> 4.17)
For the Manjaro ISO’s we ship with the latest LTS kernel (4.14 for the last few ISO’s)

Other than that, the base system is identical for both editions.