Small KDE-Distro?

Hi Folks,

I want to learn a bit to customize KDE.
And this i don’t want to do with my working environment :smiley:
So I’m looking for a small distribution to install in a VM.
Of course, there i can use Netrunner as well, but i think it is a bit to big for this.

So i am looking for a small one which i can use.
Any suggestions which one would be fine? Only needs are:

  • not an live-only-system
  • KDE

As my bandwidth is quiet small, so I’m looking for a small one, where all needed SW can get installed afterwards.
AFAIK Porteus would be an appropriate one, but i have never used, so i would like to know if there are other (better ones) for my need)


Slax might be the right for you. It features a very lightweight kde plasma desktop and is based on slackware.

okay, thanks
is there anything different in modifying KDE for slackware and netrunner, or can i expect that modifications which will work there will work for netrunner as well?
sorry, but i never tried till now to compare different distros.

As long as you stick to plasmoids & themes it should work perfectly.

yes at first i want to have a look to the themes.
i like the Netrunner looking, but for my needs (or better wishes) still unused potential.
any documentation suggestions for starters? otherwise i will just check the documentation on the KDE web page.

If you only want to install and try out new themes then use the get themes or get hot new stuff in the kde apps itself.

no, not trying existing ones. i want to create own ones :slight_smile:
i found already lots of documentation, but if someone has good information sources i will gladly take them :slight_smile:

Slax have the same problems with dependencies that have Slackware, and IMHO strong difficult of relatively ubuntu\kubuntu\netrunner for tuning system.