stupid question… sorry.
I’m new to this desktop and keep hitting (windows)+S to bri\ing up spotlight and it changes out the desktop I’ve created in netrunner. I figure I better get used to netrunner as I deleted my windows 8 FAT when I clicked install… Is there anyway to get back to my last netrunner desktop?

OK, you can use pager (next to the menu button) to switch between desktops, Alt+F2 will drop down Krunner (search box).

So I see that thing… It kinda reminds me of spotlight. But I’d really like to get back to the desktop I had before drunkenly hitting (windows)+S. When I hit install for netrunner I figured it ment install in a partion… not overwrite FAT. At least this happenedd with a distro I like.

append: netrunner is pretty fucking cool…

Since I don’t know what (windows)+S does on your system I can not answer, It does nothing on mine…