So I can't Remove All the Pim Bloat? [Solved]

Uninstalled Kmail Korganizer just fine.

Then went to uninstall kcontacts and bam remove 41 packages.
Me without a clue what the impact to the system would be?

What to do? Is it going to be that difficult for the regular user to remove unneeded and unused apps?
As no way for the average user to know if this will bork their desktop?

My main goal is to stop unnecessary process running eating up my ram.

The Kontact suite (Kmail, kcontacts, knotes, etc.) now requires akonadi.
In order to remove any of these you can NOT use octopi as it will remove all the installed Kontact suite applications and akonadi with it.
You will need to remove these via pacman in the terminal, specifying NOT to remove any of their dependencies with them.

sudo pacman -Rdd kcontacts

You will need to do this for most of the Kontact suite applications you wish to remove as well.

If you don’t require any of the Kontact suite applications or akonadi then you should be fine removing all of them.

Thanks for the quick reply so can use Octopi if wanting to remove all Suite applications and akonadi?
And how do I determine what is impacted removing akonadi?

Dolphin? krunner? Plasmoids? like digital clock & calender?
Where do I read about which apps use akonadi? And the impact to the desktop if removing it?

The latest from the Arch wiki for KDE:

You can also use the KDE UserBase Wiki:

There is also planet KDE PIM:

Thanks for the links. 1st one was most helpful in understanding the under the hood things.

Yep backed up my partitions and went ahead and let Octopi go ahead and remove those 41 packages.

Now running over 200mb lighter to desktop.
Before was always 700-725mb boot to desktop.
Now running 470-500mb and everything appears normal.

Also boot to desktop seems to be a smidgin’ faster. Tho no proof of that.