So is it the Compositor? Mesa? PlasmaShell?

Seems half the time I boot up I get this. Am using Dual 22" with legacy Ati-4350 with default open drivers.

Dual displays Conky moved from right monitor to left with Right Monitor wallpaper also put on Left monitor.
So I logout from the menu and log back in and then I get 2 conky running.

So Ctrl-Alt-Backspace back to log on screen and then starts normally.
Seems a third to half the time it boots up with this problem.

Curious as to which Evil Demon is Responsible? :@
And if this is a know issue?

Hopefully a fix is soon time coming!

I’m not sure since I have dual displays. I do know that when I go to watch a movie from my laptop, I had issues with it not remembering my settings for the 2 tv’s I hook it to via hdmi. However, after the last update it’s now remember the individual setting for both of them. Before I would end up with the panel on the TV’s instead of the laptop, even though the laptop was set as the primary display. Now when I plug them in they are on the correct side of the laptop, and the panel is staying on the laptop screen as well. See, my living room TV sits to the right of my laptop when I use it there, but when I attach the TV in my bedroom, it’s on the left.

I’ll look to see if there are any bug report’s on your issue though.

This article while being about wayland, it does explain the difficulties that KDE (Plasma) has with screen management under x11.