Software interoperability - suggestions

One of the things I like Netrunner for is blending the best soft from KDE and GTK ecosystems. But that causes some interoperability issues. I was bragging about Thunderbird being not able to open tabs in Firefox properly; Dolphin allows to attach and sent files via e-mail, but always with Kmail (and Thunderbird is ‘suggested’ e-mail client). My suggestions are:

  1. Consider replacing FF with Chromium. I did it. Integration works good via using GTK themes, Chromium can use KDE Wallet, the most popular plugins are available also for Chr. (Adblock Plus, Ghostery , some download helpers, tracker killers, and I even prefer Zotero via connector then integrated with the browser).

  2. Someone wrote Dolphin’s service “Add file as Thunderbird attachment” - consider adding it as default :wink:

  3. Keep up with the good work!

I wouldn’t want ANYTHING google installed on my computer!!

Google is nothing but a spy-happy company that collects data on everyone and shares it with big brother!! But this goes very deep into the rabbit hole!!

If you want to use Chrome or Chromium, try the IRON Browser. It is Chromium with all the spy crap removed!!

I am in agreement. I don’t like using Chromium / Chrome / Google because of their tracking you wherever you go. I like using Firefox. There is an extension called DNT ( Do Not Track ) that really blocks Google and Facebook and many other web sites from tracking you. Nice know that they are blocked.

Chromium is not the same thing as Chrome. It’s a open source project which is sponsored and later used by Google to build their Chrome browser. Bit like what Fedora is for Red Hat.

DNT, Ghostery and other tracker blockers are available for Chromium as well. My point was that Firefox is not integrated swiftly with the KDE in the latest Netrunner. In 4.2 it worked better. Chromium does it better. Unfortunately the KDE’s natives like Konqueror and Rekonq are missing some important features.

I would try SRWare Iron, but it’s not in the repos :-/ Chromium is. What’s making it a bit more trustworthy.