software sources?

It’s installed but…
I seem not to have any software sources for updates, additional software, etc… The Muon Update Manager (trying to check for updates), "Failed to download 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Failed to download 404 Not Found Failed to download" For the entire default source list.

Synaptic just gives me the equivalent of a blank stare.

What did I break?


System: HP Pavilion ZV6100 CTO
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2000 Mhz)
2 GB DDR PC2700
Hitachi 160 GB internal drive
Seagate ST9640423S 640 GB USB (this is where Netrunner 12.12 lives
ext4 filesystem formatted by G Parted.)

Hello nanook,

which version (64 or 32)?
You have normal internet connection running?
What does “sudo apt-get update” show?

32 bit. Connection is ATT Wireless broadband DSL. That’s what puzzles me so much. I can’t do a command at the moment since I decided to reinstall and I’m replying from the live dvd.

I’ll report back later.


I still have no clue why the first installation was so utterly wonky but it’s performing admirably after the second one.

Still can’t install the newest kde base but I’ve seen too many boxes crippled by forcing an update or upgrade. I’ll wait for the dependencies to be met and enjoy what I have. If anyone has a theory about my previous troubles I’d like to hear it.

Thanks all;