[Solved]: 24 hour clock on SDDM login screen

Is there any way of setting the clock to display 24 hour time on the SDDM login screen? It is a trivial change but one I would like to make if possible. I am using the default that comes with Netrunner Rolling 2015-09.


Maybe something to do with this?


The 24 hour clock would appear if there were a default locale, at login, independent of users, that was associated with a 24 hour time display. At present, that default locale could very well be the US, leading to the observed am/pm time. The question now is whether such a default setting or key is available via the abovementioned config file, and if so, what values it accepts.

Do the following:

“System Settings -> Account Details -> Locale -> System Locales -> Add”

Here, select a locale whose default is to display time in 24 h. I selected en_GB.UTF8.

Then go to

“System Settings -> Account Details -> Locale -> System Locales -> Detailed Settings”

and choose for “Time” the recently added en_GB.UTF8 locale.

Reboot and you will see a 24 hour clock on login.

Glad you found a solution for your problem. And thanks for sharing for others that may need this info.