(SOLVED) Backgroundcolor LibreOffice - only black


I’m the Newbie here.

The Installation of Netrunner is ok, without problems.

Only in LibreOffice I get a black background and the letters are white.?? All other are ok.
Has LibreOffice a “special-button” to change the colour?

I tried it with Breeze, the same result.


Hi atilla,

do you have a screenshot how it looks?

Hi starbuck,

here my screenshot:


If you changed the theme to a light theme for Plasma you need to adjust the GTK Theme settings aswell to a light version like Breeze for example.
LibreOffice seems to use the GTK color settings here.

Hi leszek,

now I changed all Parameters to Breeze light and I got a “normal light” Display.

Many thanks.

and here Libroffice, all in black:

Should I change the parameters especially for LibreOffice? If yes, do you know where?

Please try Settings - Gnome Application Style (GTK) - and change both GTK2 and GTK3 themes to Breeze, plus untick prefer Dark theme. This should fix it.

Thank you for answer.
I’ve set all to Breeze and all is ok, except LibreOffice.
But I can accept that, perhaps I will find another solution in the future.


I set this both to Breeze and UNTICKED Prefer Dark:

and this is how it looks like:

I see absolutely no reason why it shouldnt look like that on your end if you do the same?

Sorry Starbuck,

I did all before, but I’ve overlooked the switch for untick Dark Theme, painful.

Many thanks again.