(Solved) Boot options. Several questions.

Good day! I am new Linux Netrunner user, and I have several questions about Boot options.

First, in installation tutorial is written, that if the desktop does not start you have to add “vga=normal nomodeset” to the boot options, but where I should add it, before - - or after it?

Same question is about toram option. Some internet resources say, that this option should be added before - -, but in some Linux distributions it should be added like:
> /casper/vmlinuz.efi … toram - - toram
Where I should add this option in Netrunner?

Also, I have found boot option description.
Will the described there boot parameters work properly in Netrunner? For instance, I want do delete quite and splash options and add toram option.

Next, can I use this guide to permanently set kernel boot options on an installed Netrunner?

And last question: I have made a bootable USB flash drive. Can I modify the string
linux /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/preseed/netrunner.seed boot=casper quiet splash - -
in file /cdrom/boot/grub/grub.cfg to permanently set boot options on my Live USB flash drive?

Some questions may sound noobish, but changing the boot parameters may damage the systems ability to boot properly, so I want to be fully confident about them.

It doesn’t really matter. Also as the – are basically ignored you can remove them. They are just an indicator for the user to recognize which options are default and where he can begin inserting his own options.

Yes this should work.
Don’t forget sudo update-grub after editing the config file.

This depends. If you used dd to create the live usb stick then you probably don’t have write access.
If you used unetbootin or another tool which copies over the live system on a fat32 partition then you might be able to edit the file. Though be careful on bios systems the file to edit is syslinux.cfg and not grub as this is not used for booting then.
Grub is only used for booting the live system in uefi mode.

Thank you!
Editing syslinux.cfg worked!