(SOLVED) Can't boot live usb

I’ve tried MANY distro’s , but this is the first time i can’t enter my bios if i insert the usb stick from netrunner in my pc.

I’ve tried all apps , dd , other usb sticks etc. … but it won’t boot.
… and yes , my “secure boot” is disabled , as i tried many distro’s this is a must :wink:

Do you have to format the usb first , because all distro’s work without formatt by using dd , gnome-disks , etcher etc. ?

Tried also to download the iso again
I really want to run netrunner .

Try maybe a different usb stick. Also check the sha256sum of the ISO you downloaded and compare it with the one provided on the download page.

P.S. The command to create the sha256sum for your downloaded ISO is
sha256sum <Path/to/ISO/file.iso>

It is solved ! Netrunner just installed fine.

I have deleted some old EFI entries in my bios with “sudo bootmgr” ,and now netrunner could install without problem.

It seems my bios efi was “full” or something like that :wink: