[Solved] Dolphin can't move the panels in Netrunner Core

Hello my problem is with Dolphin. I have installed Maui 1 and I try Netrunner Core. Well, I put the information panel or active and put the right. Then I want to put on the left under the panel of places. Unlocking the panels. I move and I returned to where it was. I’ve tried every possible way and will not let me. I enabled all panels and any moves from its site, well washed and drag them back to your site. I tried via USB live to see if I had done something, but not in the live also happens, do not let the panels move.
I uninstalled Dolphin and I’ve reinstalled, and the same problem, the panels are not left to move.
Not that I can help to resolver.Que information needed to solve this problem. If I put something in the terminal or I do.
Thank you very much in advance.

To fix this issue just enable animations in systemsettings -> desktop appearance -> widget style -> choose breeze and hit the configure button right beside it. In the new window click on the tab animations and make sure Animations are enabled.