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(SOLVED) Epson ES-400 Scanner


I’m using Netrunner Rolling on my laptop (love it)…but I have one issue. I cannot get it to find my Epson ES-400 scanner. It is plugged in directly via USB and I have installed the following packages:

Image Scan!

Has anyone else run into this problem?


Looks like that scanner requires imagescan (aka iscan3 - 3.57.0)…
After searching epson for your model I ended up here:

These packages listed bellow are only for iscan (aka iscan2 - 2.30.3), not imagescan.:


Remove all iscan packages, and then install imagescan.


Thank you AJSlye. I removed the iscan packages and installed imagescan. However, my system still does not detect the scanner. Any other suggestions?


No, I haven’t tried scanning into my computers using any of my networked Epson all in ones, I tend to use my commercial grade brother laser all in one for that. It has a much better quality than any consumer grade product i’ve had. With that said, I may give it a whirl at some point this week.


Okay. Thanks.
I don’t know if it makes a difference but the ES-400 is only a scanner, not an all-in-one.


Yes, I know that. And yes, it should use the utsushi backend (imagescan 3).

Have you tried a different usb port, or even rebooting after pluging it in?

These two issues may also be plaguing you:


That’s it. After installation I searched my apps for UTSUSHI and clicked on RUN UTSUSHI. Viola! I’m in business.
Thank you very much AJSlye!!