[SOLVED] Few issues/suggestions (Netrunner 32 bit RC)

  1. In the Display section of System Settings, there is a warning about the lack of kcm_randr. In KDE 4.11 it was actually replaced by kscreen.
  2. The password input box in LightDM has no focus, i.e. one has to always click it before being allowed to type
  3. The new task manager has no trhobber/spinner animation and some users may think, that after clicking an icon nothing is happening. This feature, however, does work properly in the standard task manager.
  4. Big thumbs up for the new Plasma theme and LightDM, but the previous window decoration could stay for a while. Forman looks much better than GNOME 3 (highly subjective opinion)
  5. Also, I would like to suggest changing the animation render’s speed from Instant to very fast. The latter is optimal, as users will not notice any sorts of lags, but also will be able to clearly see the animations and appreciate them (at times, they are virtually invisible on Instant)

BTW http://www.dobreprogramy.pl/lucas__/Netrunner-13.12-RC-szybkie-spojrzenie,49799.html :wink:

Hello lucas,

  1. fixed.
  2. looking if possible to set focus
  3. yes, kicker and taskmanager are new, so not feature complete… maybe we have update later automatically adding spinner
  4. :slight_smile:
  5. we wanted kde to feel instant snappy, so this is on purpose.
  1. Ok thanks
  2. Seems to depend on theme, works in classic, probably some file in /usr/share/kde4/apps/lightdm-kde-greeter/themes/cinema-lightdm/ needs to be edited
  3. Yep I know that and fully understand, yet some users may think that taskamanger/kicker doesn’t respond to clicks, because there is no visual indication that app has already started i.e. no spinner animation. Example http://www.netrunner-os.com/netrunner-13-12-rc/#comment-1153001668 It is more a cosmetic issue, but it would be nice to mention it (if it will not be fixed in final) in some errata in final announcement
  4. Well this is more a personal preference/feeling I suppose, but it also should be mentioned in errata/final announcement that “this is on purpose” :wink: