[Solved]How to connect Monitor ?

I have a laptop which has latest netrunner running what i want is from my vga port of the laptop I want to connet a monitor like what is in windows dual screen or stright display there and the laptop screen has no sign If you want to know more of it where i left or you need details plz let me know

So you plug in your monitor cable and nothing happens ?
Did you try manually configuring it with systemsettings -> display ?

Well I have a monitor by default connected through laptop which is dual booted with windows 8 external mouse and keyboard connected. While I had windows only it directly use to come on my external screen so whenever i boot any of it it should come straight on my external.
Well have to look on it on what you said

Hook it up to the VGA port on the side. It’s a square port with abunch of little round holes.

You may need to press your FN Button + the button the looks like a monitor (should be on your F1 through F12 keys), to actually turn on the VGA port.

Well it is solved first when i connected via vga there were 2 different window one was blank on the external monitor after a while making some setings by default i shut the laptop screen and it always on in the external screen thank you all for the help :slight_smile: