[SOLVED] How to fix Qmmp to run in foreground?

I get my voice mails in Thunderbird email as an MP3. When I click on the voice mail link, it will open with Qmmp program. I can play it all or turn it off. Since the update today 9/08/2014. I noticed when I listen to any voice mail, you see a glimpse of something opening in the background. Therefore, you cannot turn the voice mail off, if you don’t want to listen to the entire length, and you have wait until it is finished. How ever, if you save the voice mail in your hard drive, when you open it (which opens with Qmmp), you can play or stop it as you wish. I know this was functioning properly yesterday, so something happened during the update today that makes it run in the background. How do I fix this so when you click on the voice mail the Qmmp program opens up in the foreground?

You will need to re associate you voice mails with qmmp,
From what you described it’s opening with mplayer instead, I’m wondering if maybe you installed mplayer at some point?
I don’t use Thunderbird so I can’t reproduce the problem.

The default was set for Enqueeue in Qmmp.
I moved the Qmmp to be the first choice, and now it’s working properly.
Thanks for the tip, and patience AJ, I know I’m driving you insane with all these stupid questions. The Rolling version is quite different than the Frontier, and I have a lot to learn.

There are never any stupid questions, just stupid answers, lol j/k :slight_smile:

No seriously, that’s what I’m here for.