(SOLVED)How to install gscan2pdf?, it is not in Octopi. thanks.

I ran Octopi and searched for gsca but nothing found in the repos. I am looking for a wonderful program called gscan2pdf, this is available in my current distro but not in Octopi.

P.D. Playing with the Tabs, in News Tabs I got a red message saying: “[color=#FF0000]This Linux distro seems to be incompatible with Octopi![/color]”

It is available in the AUR:
yaourt -S gscan2pdf

Thanks AJSlye, but I get the message:

[quote]Unsupported package: Potentially Dangerous!
Edit PKGBUILD ? Y/n (A to abort)[/quote]
Sorry but I do not know what to do here. My command line knowledge is very limited, so is safe for me to use Netrunner Manjaro, this case is an isolated program or this will be the norm? I do not like the idea of bothering nice people in the forum and making lose precious time to everybody.

Thanks for your advice

For the most part you would just answer n there.

Unless there is an issue with the PKGBUILD file (like a chksum error, etc.) you should never need to edit one.

for more information on what the AUR is and how it works:


However, not all PKGBUILD files point to source code to compile, some point to binary packages that it converts to native ones.

Don’t worry about being a bother, brother. This is why we are here in the first place, to help each other out.

Thanks a lot AJSlye,

I hope not to use often AUR, after more than 15 minutes of Y/n/Y I was able to instal gscan2pdf and it worked!
Best regards

“This Linux distro seems to be incompatible with Octopi!” This is a known issue, the Octopi Developer just needs to add Netrunner support for the news tab.