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(SOLVED) How to run Dolphin as root?


Hi support team.

I wish to increase the size of the systray icons from default (1) to (2) and need to access dolphin as root.

The commands kdesudo dolphin and/or pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY KDE_SESSION_VERSION=5 KDE_FULL_SESSION=true dolphin are not working.

How to run Dolphin as root in Netrunner Core,please?


You don’t.
Well, not without patching dolphin, kate, kwrite, etc.


By good luck I was able to modify the main.xlm file without the ‘elevated privilege’.


Kate will ask for your sudo, su, password when it goes to save system files (aka not in your home directory).
This is not by good luck, this is by design.


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I’ve installed Krusader there is a root option in it.


I don’t run GUI applications as root, but thanks anyway.