[Solved] Icedove is replacing Thunderbird in "Update Manager".

“Update Manager” contains an update for Icedove (Debian’s version of Thunderbird & not installed) and it wants to replace Thunderbird, not what I want. I like Thunderbird as is, no re-branding for me.

Is this a bug or Debian is forcing a change?

After the update, Thunderbird is still Thunderbird. No change.


It might install just fine, but I’m cautious in upgrading when I see messages like this.

Also, why would “Device Manager” display Icedove rather than Thunderbird, like Synaptic does?

You seem to be using the rolling repos. It seems like recently Debian decided to transition to the mozilla branded thunderbird from icedove ( they did not even have a thunderbird package earlier ). The regular icedove package now simply depends on the thunderbird package.

I’d recommend using the thunderbird-plasma package if you’d like to keep the KDE integration since the regular thunderbird package from Debian will not come with the KDE patches.

I ran an update on 03 APR 2017 & successfully upgraded “Thunderbird” with “Synaptic Package Manager”, since “Device Manager” still displayed “Icedove” rather than “Thunderbird”.

I’m not having any issues with the regular version, yet.
But, will consider installing “thunderbird-plasma”, should the need arise. Thank you for the suggestion.