[ Solved ] Image View Difference from Gimp to Gwen


I’m reasonably sure that this will not cause a problem,
checking first is just good sense (insurance against breaking system or overloading)
I’d like to do a comparison test of the fourteen Image viewers in pamac this is for a colour difference of images discussion at the link below,

Seems a good idea while having coffee this morn,

it goes with my post in here


for me to do this

  • get all the image viewers I can find in pamac or octopi ( that’s the silly part)
  • get the troubled images and run that select few in all the image viewers
  • make a list of results and post it here in a few days time,
  • keep the best of the viewer’s for my use, keep Gwenview for comparison, and if Gwen still displays washed out images or not anymore in many months time and later.
  • un-install the image viewers not wanted,

so then
Having all these Image viewers installed will this cause any problems that you can think of,
I cannot, just checking
and un-installing most viewers afterwards
and just to safe my ext-hd not used in test will be disconnected
only a small usb stick will be connected to Netrunner Rolling SSD.
Just checking first
Thanks in advance

The answer was found


but started here


I’ll leave this here so if anyone having similar problem with image quality problem of going from Gimp to Gwenview can find some assist either link.

Solution Very Easy To Do

Thank you
oh also no need for viewers comparisons