[Solved]: Installing the pandoc-crossref package

I am using pandoc with its associated packages:

haskell-pandoc-citeproc 0.8-8

I now find need to use the pandoc-crossref package.

I have tried looking for it under haskell-pandoc-crossref and also on octopi. It does not seem to be there. What should I do to get it?


I needed the above package to number equations in a pandoc document. Since there is no package that I can use, here is a workaround that I found at the pandoc-eqnos-git repo.

These are the steps:
[]sudo pacman -S python-pip
]sudo pip install pandoc-eqnos
[*]process the pandoc file with the option

–filter pandoc-eqnos[/list]ensuring that it precedes other filter options.

yaourt -S haskell-pandoc-crossref

does it.

Just one query: how does one know whether to use pacman or yaourt to install a package? Is there a command line method of differentiating between the two modes?


Pacman is the package manager used for installing packages from the official repositories.
Yaourt is a pacman wrapper that also looks in the AUR (Arch User Repositories).
Installing anything using the AUR can not be officially supported, this is considered to be the same things as downloading and installing software from source code, or external packages. The AUR is use at your own risk.

Thanks for that.

But how does one know from the command line whether a particular package is in the supported official repositories or in the AUR repository? Is there a command to indicate that?

If you can not install something using pacman, and need to use yaourt, then it’s not in the official repositories, It’s that simple.

Note: No package built and installed by the end user from the AUR is ever supported, period. The AUR is nothing more than a repository of pkgbuild files that are submitted and maintained by users, as the name suggests. These pkgbuild files can be pulling from any source, there is no method in place to check these sources used for malware, bugs, compatibility, etc. You can seriously break your system.

Thanks. I understand.

I think that haskell-pandoc-crossref has now enetered the supported repositories, i.e.,

pacman -Qi haskell-pandoc-crossref

produces a result.

In this case, do I need to explicitly remove the package installed by yaourt and re-install from pacman, or will that be automatically accomplished? I ask because I might otherwise need to keep a list of yaourt installed packages that I truly need so that they could be un-installed when available officially.

Thank you.

Yes, haskell-pandoc-crossref has been added to the official repositories as part of today’s update-pack. As long as the AUR package and the new repository package have the same name, the repository package will take priority over the AUR package as soon as the version number goes up.

You can also tell pacman to replace the AUR package without removing it, just specify the repository in the pacman command like this:

sudo pacman -S community/haskell-pandoc-crossref