[SOLVED] Joystick interferes with mouse

Hi all, here is a fun one. I play Crrcsim (a R/C plane simulator) and I use my Turnigy radio transmitter as a joystick. It connects to the PC via a USB cable and under Netrunner 16 and 17 was working fine. I recently switched to Rolling and I have a weird problem. When I plug in the joystick, my mouse pointer starts veering off to the left. I can kind of steer the pointer with the joystick but there is a constant “left” input. The mouse also controls the pointer as usual. I guess this means somehow the inputs from the two devices get mixed. I have no experience with peripherals so any ideas where to start? Thanks!

Remove this package and restart xorg:

sudo pacman -R xf86-input-libinput

Sorry, no difference. I calibrated the joystick and the right control works fine. For the left however I noticed that axis number 5 is constantly oscillating between 0 and -729 and axis 2(y) is oscillating between 0 and 17. Assuming this is a calibration issue, it still doesn’t explain why the mouse and joystick inputs are mixed.

By the way did you mean -R or -Rs? -s gives invalid command. Anyway, I removed the package via Octopi.

Oops, typo. I fixed the other post.

Hello I had the same problem with my xbox360 controller. You can remove xf86-input-joystick package. The Arch Wiki also offers a cleaner solution than removing packages by using a xorg.conf file. See https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Gamepad#Disable_Joystick_From_Controlling_Mouse

Thanks a lot! That worked. I tried the solution from the Arch wiki but xorg wouldn’t start at all.

I totally forgot that that driver was installed by default and can cause these kinds of issues.
I’m glad you were able to get this fixed.