[SOLVED] Kmail duplicates emails

Almost all emails are duplicated, on download only, not when moved. Sometimes they are triplicated.
Very rarely will one come through singly. I have emails forwarded from my Gmail account and from my blog email. The blog emails sometimes come through singly.
This applies to both emails that are filtered and those that stay in the Inbox.
Ctrl + * on each mailbox folder clears them.

Kmail 4.14.2
Netrunner 14.04 64 bit

POP3 (not using Akondai mailboxes.)

There are a number of bugs known but the symptoms seem to be rather different from mine. Anyone know anything?

I only know about spamfilters that definitely duplicate mails. But after turning the spamfilter off (and filtering in general) I did not experience any dupes anymore.
Though I am using IMAP not ancient Pop3.

Perhaps you don’t have Kontact (kmail) set up to delete the emails from the pop3 server after downloading them to your computer?

My Kmail does not leave emails on the server, and I don’t use a spam filter as such. Though I do make extensive use of filters.
Looking at the Kmail configuration I do seem to have an extra receiving account called “akonadi_pop3_resource_0rc” which uses the same detalis as my “actual” account. I’ve turned off interval checking on it to see if this makes a difference.

“akonadi_pop3_resource_0rc” shouldn’t be there unless you’ve updated kmail recently and it had an issue migrating your mailbox. I’d suggest removing or disabling it.

I removed the extra account, and the problem is fixed!
Migrating Kmail data from my old install caused me a lot of problems, I forget the details. But I’ll watch out for this next time. Thanks guys.