[SOLVED] KNotes doen't work in Rolling

I use KNotes quite frequently in Netrunner 14 Frontier, but it doesn’t work at all in the Netrunner Rolling. I even tested the KNotes program on my test laptop with Rolling installed, but doesn’t function at all even though it was installed successfully through the Octopi. Any idea why?

It’s just not configured yet. After you launch knotes there will be an icon in the system tray, right click that icon and select configure knotes > collections and pick the folder you want to store and retrieve notes from.

I know how to use KNotes, becuse I’ve using this program for a while on Frontier. The Ok button is greyed-out, so you can’t really save, or do anything. That is the case on two different computers.

I just installed and set it on my system, you must be having another issue.


This is what i see when I click on the new note. Please see the attachment.

I didn’t say to click on new note, but never the less, your issue is that you have no default local folders set up in your kmail/kontact profile.

I don’t use kmail/kontact. I use Thunderbird, and that works fine in Frontier. I guess this is different!

Yes. Kubuntu (in-which Frontier is based on) sets up a default KDE PIM profile for you when it sets up users, Manjaro does not currently do this, you’ll need to do it manually, you don’t have to use KDE PIM for e-mail or contacts of you wish, but you will need a default profile set up for any of the KDE PIM services you do use (like knotes) however.