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(SOLVED) Ksplashqml crashes always by sysstem start


Since I installed core 19.01. the program “Ksplashqml” crashes always when I start my notebook. What can I do?




Can you check what you have set as ksplash theme. Maybe changing it to none or something else might help.


Hi and thank you for your answer.

Can you please tell me, where I find the place to check the ksplash Theme. By the way, what exactly is the ksplash theme?




You can find the configuration under Workspace Theme -> Splash Screen

Ksplash is the splash screen that appears when KDE Plasma starts.


Thank you, I changed from netrunner blue to breeze and now it works.




Why is this marked as ‘Solved’?
It’s not solved. You gave up your preference to get rid of the error caused by poor programming.

I am here because it is happening again after an update. KDE programmers don’t seem to be on the top of their task. On so many levels. They need to be told.