{Solved} LG Blue-ray/DVD writer

I have a LG Blu-Ray Burner model WH16NS40. Using K3b I have not been able to create a DVD. I reports the correct md5sum, seems to write the disk(DVD), but is unable to close the disk and verifiy. This is using Memorex DVD+Rdl disks. Can this be fixed.

After more web reading, I have decided that this problem would have taken new software Nero Linux 4 or newer to get the unit to write iso to dvd, etc. The playing of blu ray movies is not on my radar yet so I cheated and swapped out the blu ray for a normal dvd.

Probably you can choose a different burning method in k3b. SAO mode or how it was called (I burned my last dvd 3 years ago).
You can also try if setting the burning speed a little lower is helping.

I would try different settings and burning speeds.

Only burn method available is Auto. As this was a burn of a ISO to disk I used slowest speed of 4x. I still stand by my impression that it seems to run slow in this distro. It took 1min 10 sec to start the burn and 2min 4sec to close and begin verification. There were no crashes as in my previous test. I use DVD’s only to burn iso’s for testing, but have started to use flash drives they make more sense and are reuseable. Again this is just my impression that K3b seems to run a little slow but this is no big deal for me. I am pretty much comitted to using Netrunner Rolling for the forseeable future. It meets my workflow needs. It keeps KDE up to date, and protects me from the bleeding edge, cannot get better. Again thank you for your help.