[Solved] Losing Border windows

Nice distro so far. Issues Im having is the border windows keep disappering. I can not close or minimize the windows when this happens without killing the application. Turned off all compositing features and still get this issue. Any ideas?

There was a theme engine issue with Plasma 5.2.0 that caused this kind of behavior, this was partially fixed in Plasma 5.2.1, and completely fixed in Plasma 5.2.2.

I’m not a Netrunner standard (Kubuntu) tech so I’m not sure what versions of KF5, Plasma 5, or KDE Applications are used by Netrunner 15. Could you post what versions of KF5 and Plasma you have installed and what desktop theme is selected?

This could also be a driver issue as well.
What GPU do you have and what driver are you using for it?
Also if you have a hybrid graphics system do you have bumblebee installed and set up properly?

Thanks for the quick reply. KDE Plasma Version is 5.2.0 It may have been the theme. I do not know which one I was using as I went in and set defaults so it is now using the Breeze theme. After doing ctrl alt backspace to restart the kde it seems to be working at this time. I want to say I was using the Air theme but not 100% sure. I will continue and see if it loses them again.

I think I found it. I used the simplictyblu feel for the windows decoration and it crashed right a way. When I change back to the org.kde.breeze it doesnt crash.

As far as I know the Air theme has not been ported yet, only Breeze and Oxygen have been completely ported including the icon sets and colors, etc. by the Plasma developers. The best place to get themes, etc. for now is by using the official built tools and not the distributions repository. The only Plasma 4 themes that are compatible with Plasma 5 are the ones written to use KDecorations2 and/or the Aurorae theme engine, also qtcurve has now been updated to be compatible with Plasma 5 as well.

Awesome Thanks for the information and Help.