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[SOLVED] Menu & Toolbar in Dolphin


Although I’m using Netrunner Rollin this is about dolphin so this apply to anyone,
the Dolphin is a great tool heaps and heaps features some yet to find, like this one I’d wish I could find it - is how to shift the menu and toolbars into the middle of the folder view.

From the green area to the blue area any ideas how to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance


The only way I see is right click on the toolbar and click on edit toolbar.
Then add seperators in front of the buttons.


Yes, at least for the toolbar, just add an “expanding spacer” at both ends of your buttons like so:

This way, no mater the size of the window, the toolbar will remain centered.


Damn you two are good,
Thanks for taking time to help,
Much Appreciated


and ctrl+M gives a clean look
if anyone is wondering about the menus - great place to start is keyboard shortcuts - then rid the icon in toolbar