[solved] Menubar

Where is the option to change where the menubar is situated? Normally it is here, systemsettings -> application appearance -> fine tune -> menu bar -> menu bar style, I can’t seem to find it at all.


if this is what your looking for kdeplasma-applets-menubar, it is not installed as it is not in the repositories. If you want to install kdeplasma-applets-menubar then it’s in the AUR:
yaourt -S kdeplasma-applets-menubar

Thanks, I already have that installed. The menubar applet doesn’t seem to be picking up the menus of the applications. I know when I used KDE with Kubuntu there was an option in the System Settings to change where the menubar was situated, e.g. the titlebar of the window or the panel itself and a couple other options.

You will also need appmenu-qt installed

Here is how to install and use global menus from the KDE - ArchWiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE

Adding a Global Menu to the desktop Install appmenu-qt from the official repositories and appmenu-gtk and appmenu-qt5 from the AUR in order to complete the preliminaries for a Mac OS X style always-on global menu. To get Firefox and LibreOffice to use the global menu as well, install firefox-extension-globalmenu and libreoffice-extension-menubar from the AUR. Warning: firefox-extension-globalmenu has been deprecated as of Firefox 25 and there is no other recommended method for getting the global menu. However, there is a patched package, firefox-ubuntu available in the AUR which has Canonical's patch for getting the global menu to work with the current version of Firefox (as of this writing). To actually get the global menu, install kdeplasma-applets-menubar from the AUR. Create a plasma-panel on top of your screen and add the window menubar applet to the panel. To export the menus to your global menu, go to System Settings > Application Appearance > Style. Now click the fine-tuning tab and use the drop-down list to select only export as your menubar style.

Awesome thank you! Solved my problem :slight_smile:

Your welcome, that’s what I’m here for brother.