[Solved] Missing icons Plasma 5.5.3

After yesterday’s update the Plasma 5.5.3 there are a few missing icons. The ‘X’ to close out the
taskbar adjustment/config menu, the ‘X’ to close the taskbar add widget dialog, and there is a gap where there’s a blank system tray icon. Two of the three are shown in the attached screenshot.

EDIT: I also noticed that in the dialog to add widgets that I can’t type anything into the search box.

Some people talk it’s related to KDE bug: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-48870

Good part of it – it will be fixed.
Bad – fix scheduled for qt 5.6.1 and probably won’t be included in kubuntu 16.04.

KDE/QT quality makes me a bit nervous.

P.S. you can get rid of this space for a while by turning on/off icons in System Tray options. In my case it was Clipboard icon.

I think that’s a common sentiment these days. I miss how stable KDE 3 was.

What I’ve noticed is that just the close icon seems to be missing. it’s missing for the taskbar editor, add widget dialog and on toast notifications. Is anyone else seeing this?

That definitely needs some checking. Can you try maybe the Breeze Theme to see if it’s a theme specific thing?

I switched to Breeze and the icons were present as expected. When I switched back to Black X the icons are missing again.

Yeah so its a theme specific problem.
I am looking into a fix.

The problem with the red X button missing should be gone now with the latest netrunner-artwork package.

Indeed it is! Thanks