(Solved) Mistake in md5sum.txt file?

Good day!

I created two USB flash drives and 1 DVD with netrunner-14.2-dvd-64bit.iso.
USB flash drives were created using sudo dd if= of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync command.
When I checked them using md5sum.txt there was a checksum mismatch in one file! That was in all of created media.
But when I checked written ISO using dd, it showed, that ISO-s were written correctly…
So is it a mistake in md5sum.txt file or iso-s are bad?
Can I use my created USB sticks and DVD safely?

Yes you can if the md5sum of the iso is correct.
As for the md5sum text inside the ISO it might be incorrect as there is a bug creating that file after the bootloader file is written or updated.

Thank you!
That checksum mismatch made me nervous :s