[SOLVED] Muon Discover Blank

Very new to NetRunner, trying to make the switch from Windows.
Thus far it’s been 3 weeks since I had to boot into Windows for something, so it’s going well.

For the last few days MUON DISCOVER has been blank for me. The only section that seems to be populated is the COMICS category. Everything else shows as blank.

As this is all new to me, I use Muon often for installing and finding new apps to replace how I did things previously in the old OS. I apologize if this is a simple fix, still feeling my way around.

Thank you for any assistance.



[color=#000080]I understand your situation well am an apprentice in GNU/Linux, learning without a teacher really is not the easiest way to answer questions, so I try to work with what I am learning.
About Muon Discover is a application that I have not trusted him, so best to use Synaptic or Muon package manager and install from there or want. Or use the terminal if you know the repository and the exact package name.
Ask her anything else in the forums that have secure prompt replies.
[/color] :cool:

Jack n Joe that is included in Firefox bookmarks bar is also a great inclusion in Netrunner for apps. Like you Muon Discover was blank after I did the kde upgrade to 4.12 for a couple of days and then mysteriously repopulated itself. The Muon Updater had bugs as well but they also “fixed themself”. I have tried numerous linux distros in the past but Netrunner is the ONLY one that made me want to partition and install along with Windows as a long term OS.

Your problem is solved in this thread:


Thanks, all.

Although not exactly solved in that thread, it does provide a few things for me to try. Thanks again.

It is definitely solved by upgrading startkde script shipped with netrunner-default-settings.
Please set this thread here to solved also if you can confirm this.

I will confirm, thank you.
Actually about to reformat and remove Windows and Ubuntu completely and go full-on NetRunner.

So it may take a few days for the issue to appear again. My ignorance may show itself again on these boards as I make this conversion and encounter struggles. Thanks for the help.


My version of netrunner-default-settings was already 1.0.70.
What I did was go into Software Sources and change the mirror to a USA server (from the UK one it was currently using.)

Rebooted and it seems to have done the trick, 'Discover" appears to be populating once again.
Thanks all.