[solved] Netrunner 19.01 Debian upgrade policy for future iso's

I am new at netrunner 19.01 Desktop Debian based. Please explain it to me: Netrunner makes from time to time a new installable iso for downloading. Is it necessary to reinstall netrunner every time a new iso comes out? When I turn on the ‘continuous updates’ would I get the whole content of the next iso and so on? Is it never necessary to install netrunner again to get a secure and modern OS based on Debian or have I to use your netrunner rolling based on manjaro? The other posts in this forum are not so clear for me concerning this matter. What is the more secure edition for using at business. I want to use a set and forget system.

Thank you.

The idea is that you will get the newest version if you enable “continious updates” via our backports and the debian testing repo.
However we don’t mess with your default settings. So you won’t get a new theme or setting for application xyz that we might ship in a future ISO release of Netrunner.

So no you don’t need to reinstall Netrunner everytime a new ISO release appears.

Thank you for your clear answer. Is it possible to get netrunner extras in the future via a separate repo, it’s only an idea?

It is not planned for now. Some changes might come for the future. We are in discussions about a stable based Version (future Stable means Buster).