[solved] Netrunner 19.01 desktop bup utility

I want to use the KDE backup-program kup, but this program needs the bup-utility. I can’t find it in the repositories, what can I do? Thank you.

The package name is just bup, not bup-utility, and it is in the repositories.

I know that it’s name is just bup. Yesterday evening there was no bup in the repositories. I am using Netrunner 19.01 with continuous update. I will try it today again, if there is no bup you will hear from me again. Thank you.

I do apologize, you were right, bup is not in the buster repository:

Kup-backup is in the buster repository though:

That is very strange considering the same version of bup is available in stretch and sid.

However, for kup-backup, bup is listed as only a recommends not a dependency.

Bup got removed in 2017 from testing (now buster): https://tracker.debian.org/news/890874/bup-removed-from-testing/

I highly doubt it will be integrated again and would suggest taking a look at another Backup application like BackInTime for example.

Kup only needs bup if you need to use the packfile format from git.

Then why is bup still in stretch and sid?

This all just still seems a bit strange, especially since kup-backup itself, is only available in buster and sid.


Stretch is stable. If nothing severe no package will get removed from here.
As for Sid it looks like a no one cleaned it up. Not sure what the deal is with that package in all honesty.

Okay. Thank you. I suggest to remove the kup package too, because it’s inconsistent when bup is not here, because bup is power full for versioning.

Is it possible without high risks to get bup via direct debian download stable? Or should I do not download it directly? Thank you.

While I wouldn’t suggest using packages outside of your branch for the possibly issues this can cause.
The one in stable is older (0.25-1), If it was me I would go for the more up-to-date version in sid (0.29-3).

Yeah I would also recommend using the Sid version then if you want to use this piece of software. Usually it should work fine. But there is no guarantee

Thank you. I am wondering that bup is in SID but not in Buster. Could the reason be that code-freezing for buster begins?

That’s actually a great question.

Is there any way to get an automated message when a certain debian package comes into “testing”?

I think you can only check this for specific packages like here the News section. Not sure if this can be handled via a subscription to a mailinglist somewhere.