[solved] Netrunner 19.01 Desktop Debian kate

If you start kate via a terminal session you will get the following errors:

. I am using the netrunner standard installation themes and nothing has been changed by me. Can it be ignored or should it be corrected and how? Thank you.

These are just warnings about the Icon Theme. You can ignore them.

Thank you. Firefox 65 is released with some security fixes, when is the release for netrunner available?

We don’t update firefox in our repos. You can get the new security fixed version from Debian Sid repository if you need this now.

Okay. So I have to wait until Firefox 65 comes into Debian testing. Thank you for quick answer.

Firefox is not coming to Debian Testing. Debian decided to only allow Firefox-ESR to be there as they decided to only support the ESR version for their stable system.

Thats why I would suggest either switching to Firefox-ESR (that will give you Debian Buster security updates all the time) Or to use the Debian Sid Repo just for installing Firefox 65.

Okay. How do you estimate the risks of the current netrunner 19 Firefox 64 version? When I would use the Firefox ESR version, then I have first to remove the 64 version and then installing the ESR version? When I want to use SID temporary only for the Firefox 65 version, how I have to do it correctly? The last question: why you put into netrunner 19 the Firefox version 64 and not the ESR version, is it not more secure for your “customers”? Which features of the 64 version I will loose (plasma integration etc.) when I would use the ESR version?

No that is not necessary. Both can be installed in parallel if you want to.

You activate the Debian SID sources.list

deb https://deb.debian.org/debian/ sid main non-free contrib

sudo apt update && sudo apt install firefox
which updates the sourceslist and installs the new firefox version.Then you deactivate the Debian Sid sources.list again.

Firefox 64 offers a little bit of better speed and compatiblity with modern web technologies.

Plasma Integration should work still. You will loose some more modern HTML5 features and might notice a slightly lower speed in comparison.
I suggest you try it out for yourself and see if it makes a big impact on the websites you surf everyday or not.

Thank you very much for your clear answer.