[solved] Netrunner 19.01 desktop KDE wayland with Nvidia graphics card

What is the current state for using KDE wayland support on Nvidia Cards like the Geforce GT 130M, is it possible? I read that KDE wayland will be in the future a replacement for Xserver.

Current state is bad with the nouveau free software driver. I get constant GPU freezes.
The proprietary Nvidia driver is officially not supported yet. However they commited some code to support Wayland with their driver for Plasma.
As far as I know even at least one developer tested that and it was working.

Thank you. When is this code usable for all?. How is the state for AMD graphics card?

AMD and Intel cards usually work much nicer with their free software drivers. I have one Laptop here running since months with Wayland and only noticed using it because virtual workspaces were not working.
This should be working with Plasma 5.15 btw.