[Solved] No desktop after install

Ho there,

having trouble with the installation of NR 16 on a Sony Vaio VGN-FE11H notebook. Here are some technicals:

CPU: Intel Core Duo T2300 1,66 Ghz (32-bit)

RAM: 1GB/Go (2x512 MB)
Screen: 15,4 WXGA X-black LCD
Graphic: Nvidia Geforce Go 7400

Starting the LiveCD bring me up to a black screen only with a mouse pointer (movable) on it. Back to start I select the “verbose” mode. NR 16 bring me up the Desktop in full 2D support and correct resolution. As graphic-driver he gives me the NV46. Now I start to install NR 16 all works fine. After the restart I get the nice looking Ozymandias start screen picture, hear the startup jingle and that it. No Desktop appears (automatic login activated). I wait some minutes but nothing changed.

Finally what can I do now? Any suggestions to me?

Try to log in from a virtual consol CTRL+ALT+F2 and edit this file:

nano ./config/kwinrc

Add or edit this Line: Enabled=false

Then go back to the log in screen CTRl+ALT+F7 or F1 and try again.

Hey AjStyle,

booting with recovery mode works. Brings me up the Desktop at Software-mode. I start to edit with nano as you suggested.The answer is “no such file or directory” as I save the new created file. So I’m not able to write these file.

Yes, in recovery mode that file wouldn’t exist if I remember correctly.
I just read your other post in Deutsch and noticed that you also tried the New Rolling release ISO.
Did you have the same issue booting that ISO up using the non-free (Nvidia Proprietary drivers) option?
I still think the issue is that the compositor is failing using the free opensource driver with your Nvidia Geforce Go 7400.

I have tried the Rolling Release yesterday so it was the “old” Snapshot. Now I have boot the new NR Rolling with both options (normal and non-free) but it don’t works.

My apologizes, I just noticed I gave you the command wrong. What I gave you was pointing at ./config/kwinrc off of the root directory, which doesn’t exist and you would have needed to be root to create anyway. :wink:

Here is the corrected command to use:

nano .config/kwinrc

For deactivating the effects on the fly you can also press Shift+Alt+F12.
The GeForce Go 7400 does not support all the effects that the nouveau driver tells kwin that it can.
In general as OpenGL 1 isn’t there anymore as option for KWin you either need to stick to XRender for effects (which should work everywhere as it is using the CPU for the effects) or you could try EGL (OpenGL ES) which might work better or at all with your graphicscard. (though I did not test that as my Geforce 7300 Go [same chip] Laptop is basically more or less broken)

Activating OpenGL 1.2 only on KDE system settings solved the problem. Thank You.