(Solved) No screen in Virtual Box

Hello Netrunners,

just try out the new Prometheus in Virtual Box. I use VB with the version 4.3.22 on OSX 10.9. For installation I use my standard setting as for other Linux distros. Netrunner starts up and finally gives me a black screen with a mouse pointer and thats all. Waiting for a while but nothing changed. Any ideas?

Hi playforvoices,

so this is happening after installing+rebooting or in LIVE mode?

Recently I only have make a test in LIVE mode, now I make a bootable usb-stick to see how it works on my Laptop.

Update: After a little bit of trying I was able to boot NR 15 in compatibility mode on VB. After showing the Desktop I start the installation but after the installer reached 100 % he crashed. So my new installation was not able to boot. I make now a new run.

Try enabling 3d acceleration in VBs settings before running the live iso.

3D support is enabled at VB. I have make a second run. The installer crashed again and my mouse pointer was not catched (at the first run he does). I have tried NR 15 from my usb-stick at a real machine. It shows a wonderful bootscreen, thank you for the new artwork.

At my laptop NR 15 runs without any problems (from usb-live). I don’t know why NR 15 makes such problems on VB.

Strange indeed. Working here fine in VirtualBox. Maybe it needs more graphics memory assigned.

Hmm, I have 64 MB graphic and 2048 MB memory space assigned in VirtualBox. For the other linux distros these settings are working without any problems.

On my virtual machine I have also set 64 MB. But I noticed 3d acceleration was turned off here. Maybe that works for you :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah 3d enabled does indeed stop with a white mouse cursor and a black screen. Tested just a second ago

Heureka! :smiley: Now it also works at my VirtualBox. The 3D acceleration was the problem! Thank you for figuring these out.

But the installer crashed again! Did you have the same problem?