<Solved> No sound in headphones

My english is bad, i hope you understand me.

In Netrunner based on Manjaro no audio in headphone, but Netrunner based on Kubuntu have not problem.

In alsamixer of NR based on Manjaro shows the Chip Realtek alc3223, while que NR based on Kubuntu shows Chip ALC283. How changes the module of the chip to have ALC283 in Netrunner/Manjaro???

Thanks in advanced.

Finally the solution is:

1.- Open the file /etc/pulse/default.pa
2.- Edit the file and uncomment the line " load-module module-switch-on-port-available ".
3.- Enjoy :cool:

In alsamixer of Netrunner/Manjaro too shows Chipset ALC3223. :stuck_out_tongue:

The audio codec (sound chip) name change is because Manjaro uses a newer version of ALSA than Ubuntu 14.04:
Kubuntu - 1.0.25
Manjaro - 1.0.28

I’m glad you found the answer, I had posted this issue and the the fix for this previously in the Manjaro forums:

Also, the speaker test doesn’t work on the 64bit install bedouse of this:

Thank you very much for posting your solution, I came here just to look for this problem!

And thank you also - I noticed this problem while trying to figure out the first issue. :slight_smile: