[SOLVED] Pidgin update

Is Pidgin recent update coming to Netrunner anytime soon, or should we try and install it manually?

Netrunner 14 (Standard Edition) is based on the LTS release of Kubuntu, so probably not.
The most recent version from the pidgin-developers PPA is 2.10.10:

If you really need version 2.10.11 right now, you will need to build it from source:

Why not just use the built in KDE Telephony for IM?

On my system it is still Pidgin 2.10.9, and it appears that version 2.10.10 came, over a month ago, with a bunch of critical updates.
Shouldn’t Netrunner 14 follow up?
Is Netrunner Rolling more up to date? I’m building a new machine and was going to install the LTS version as it feels very reliable so far.
As for the included IM thing, do you mean Telepathy? It doen’st look like it supports plugins such as OTR.

Pidgin in Netrunner Rolling is currently at version 2.10.9 as well, however version 2.10.11 is now in Manjaro testing and will be in the next update-pack, which should be rolled out to stable any day now. Normally, Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) receives update-packs approximately every 2 to 3 weeks, however the latest update-pack has been delayed due to quite a bit of extra work being done by the Manjaro developers.

Still 2.10.9 …

Current Versions:
Pidgin-developers PPA - 2.10.10-1
NR Rolling (Manjaro Stable) - 2.10.11-1

How do you install the NR Rolling (Manjaro Stable) - 2.10.11-1 version of Pidgin on Frontier LTS ?

As Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro and Netrunner Frontier on Ubuntu/Debian it isn’t possible to just copy over binaries or packages.
So you can’t easily copy this newer pidgin version to Frontier.

Besides if you just add the Pidgin developers PPA to your system you would also be up to date.

Thanx, I added the ppa and am now up to date. I wasn’t too confident modifying my system " with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA ", but since you encouraged to do so.
So far so good.

Glad to here that helped.

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