[SOLVED] Plasma Crashed

I have just installed the Netrunner Rolling on my main computer this past Sunday. The system is up-to-date, and this is the second or third time that this has happened since the installation.

I just turned on my computer, and noticed the volume icon wasn’t there. So I decided to restart the computer. Then I realized the computer is not responding at all, and I couldn’t turn it off, nor restart it. I was forced to shut it down, by holding the power down. I got the following crash message when I turned the computer back on, and reported this bug through the system.
“Executable: plasma-desktop PID: 909 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 09/09/14 03:26:06 AM”

Is this the types of issues that you run into with the rolling version, or is there any fix to this issue?

I have not had any issues like on the multiple machines that I maintain but not all computers are alike. You had a segfault, these are usually related to a hardware issue like suspend not working because of an a ACPI bug, etc. I would need more information on the system and your error logs of what was happening when it crashed.

Here’s my system information, and I’ll notify you when that happens again.
HP Envy 700
Product No: E9G99AV#ABA
Model No: 700-210xt
Processor (CPU): Intel® Core™ i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz
Speed: 3,500.14 MHz
Cores: 8
Total memory (RAM): 15.6 GiB
Free memory: 14.0 GiB (+ 641.8 MiB Caches)
Display info:
Vendor: nVidia Corporation
2D driver: nouveau
3D driver: nouveau Gallium (10.2.6)
Hard drive: Samsung 500 GiB SSD

Please, next time use a code box for this kind of information, if you post’s get to be too long the bot will kick you for spamming.

Ok, sorry about that. Where would I find the code box at?

Use full edit mode or reply instead of the quick options. it’s the # symbol in the editors menu bar, hit it once to to start the code box, paste or type in the text that you want in the box, then hit it again to end the code box.

Could I also send the error message an attachment instead if it’s lengthy?

Sure, I don’t see why not, you may need to change the file extension of there is one though.