[Solved] play original DVD

I am a Maui user and now I decided to install Netrunner 17.01 in another partition.
When I try to reproduce original DVD on Netrunner. I can not do it.
looking for information I found that in Debian systems it is necessary to modify the source list and add:

deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free
deb ftp://ftp.deb-multimedia.org stretch main non-free
deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org testing main non-free
deb ftp://ftp.deb-multimedia.org testing main non-free

and then install:
apt-get install liddvdcss2

Is this procedure right for netrunner too? or do you have another advice to achieve that?


Yes, that should work for store bought DVD’s.
However, if this is a personal DVD you may just be missing a required codec.

No no no!
Please don’t add deb-multimedia.org repos.
Despite the fact sounding quite official this repository isn’t and in the past already known for spreading malicious software.
Only if you are 100% sure download only the required package and install it. (Don’t add the repo)

There is a wiki entry for DVD Playback here: https://wiki.debian.org/CDDVD

I agree, if libdvdcs2 is all your needing from that unofficial repository, it would be better to get the deb file from vlc:

Or to compile it yourself from source,
However, I would not make install as suggested, this is not advisable under Don’t Break Debian:
Personally, when compiling from source I use checkinstall to create a deb package for installation:

./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo checkinstall

Then just use your prefered method for installing deb packages.

Hey thank you people.
I was not so sure of making that and may be better to ask someone who really knows how it works.
Thanks! When I come home I try all your advices.

So, I just installed liddvdcss2 following the information of the wiki like you suggested
The original .deb file I took from:

Now I can see original DVD!!
Thanks a lot