(solved) Problem installing Samsung SCX-3405w printer.

How does one install a Samsung printer which is not on list.
I downloaded the appropriate file from Samsung and I am unable to get to work.
Ducked searched and found no answer that I was able to comprehend.
Is there a solution?

There is a pkgbuild available in AUR with the name samsung-unified-driver.
I would try that first before fiddling anything manually.
You can install AUR packages via yaourt or in octopi

The AUR samsung-unified-driver packages are older than your printer and won’t work.

Samsung drivers are simple to install though.

Is this the package you downloaded?

if not then download and extract this package.

Change to the uld directory it created and open up a terminal (in dolphin it’s tools > open Terminal)
then run the following command:

sudo ./install.sh

just follow the instructions and both the printer and scanner drivers will be installed, that’s all there is to it.


yep thats the download .
This is my result .
kommandot hittades inte = command not found.

Please make the install.sh executable in the file properties

DONK DONK DONK My head hitting my desk … so simple !!

A big thanks for pointing out my fault!