(Solved) Problem with amarok.

Hello. I have a problem with amarok. When i play music, wikipedia tab dont display content. I see information that i need composer. I dont know what is composer. Maybe i need some plugins?

The composer would be the person that composed the musical track, this is refering to the composer tag entry in the file.
Amarok is still using kdebase-runtime (KDE 4 based) and has not yet been ported to KF5 (Plasma5).
I’ll need to do some research into the issue under Plasma 5.

It looks like this is a known issue.
You’ll need to wait for amarok 2.9 to be released for the wikipeedia tab to work again.

If you don’t wish to wait, you could use the git version from the AUR:

Alternatively, you could also download the 3.8.90-2 version from the Arch KDE-Unstable repositories:

Note: To install the KDE-Unstable package you will need to use sudo pacman -U {package name} on the command line, or use Octopi’s Install Local Package function from it’s file menu.

Ok. Thanks for help. Then i will be wait for new version.