[Solved] Problem with upgrade.

Hello. It’s strange but when i hint in the terminal pacman -Syyu i see that i have only 6 package to upgrade. I don’t remember name of this packege (i have upgrade it). I check in info center and it seems that my system still use plasma 5.5.5. What’s go wrong?

Octopi Run, type in the search plasma and check the version of plasma-desktop.


i check, version is - 5.5.5-1.1.

That sounds like your only getting the updates from the netrunner repository.
The manjaro repository mirror your system is pulling from may still not be up-to-date.
You can check the status of the mirrors for your country here: http://repo.manjaro.org/

Try this:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g sudo pacman -Syyu

Ok, now everything it’s work. I have plasma 5.6. Many thanks.