[Solved] Question about Telepathy

I know that Netrunner 14 uses Telepathy 0.8.x, does this version support OTR(encryption)? If not, is it possible to install Telepathy 0.9.x which does fully support encryption in Neteruuner 14? If possible, any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated.

Sorry but no, this has not been back ported to the LTS releases.

Ok, thanks for your reply. I will impatiently wait for a Netrunner LTS with Plasma 5. I’ll mark this solved.

KDE telepathy 0.9.x is not a frameworks port, however KDE Telepathy 15.04 is.
KDE telepathy 0.9.x has been added to the Kubuntu backports repository for vivid, just not for trusty.

Thanks, I looked at Kubuntu Backports ppa and came to the same conclusion. Living w/o OTR in Telepathy for now is OK as I have other options, I will move to KDE Telepathy 0.9.x when I can.