[solved] remove icon from bottom panel


First of all I am a very convinced Netrunner 15-user. There are a couple of small thing that might be drawback, but …
Well, my problem: how can i remove a program-icon from the bottom panel? Since with the version of LibreOffice that came with Netrunner 15 I had no chance to install the Language Tool (always got errors …), I removed it and installed ver. 4.4.1 from their homepage. Now, since I like to start my progs from the panel, I have an icon there from the old/removed version which does no work anymore. So please, how can I remove this? :s
Thank you so much for help!

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Now to answer your question.

This would depend on if the icon in actually on the panel or added to task manager as a launcher.

If it is in the panel then right click the panel and unlock the widgets if they are locked, next click on the panel configuration button to the far left of the panel, now just hover over the widget for the app in the panel and click the red X in the popup that comes up over it.

If it added as a launcher to the task manager then just right click on the icon and click remove this launcher.

Great! It worked! Thank you veru much!

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