[Solved] smart phone dial from web browser

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure that in the past with KDE Connect I was able to click on a phone number in a web page and have that number entered into the phone app on my smart phone. I still had to hit the connect button on the phone before the phone would dial but that was minor. I found this to be a great feature when calling around to different businesses while checking on price and availability of an item. It doesn’t seem to happen now and I don’t see any settings to make it happen. My phone is connected via KDE Connect and I receive notifications on the PC from the phone and am even able to respond to SMS messages by typing on the PC. But I can’t seem to find anything about the phone dialer.

By the way, it would be great if I could start an SMS message from the PC. As it is now I can only respond to one when it comes in, but that’s a different problem that’s probably much bigger. I’m sure I’ve had the phone dialing feature before so it’s probably just something I’m missing.

Any suggestions?

I think you can find your answer in this thread.
Seems to me like you need a browser extension and assign a mimetype to use the kdeconnect-handler which is a commandline tool that comes with kdeconnect to initiate the call even.

Otherwise you can always use the global clipboard plugin and copy a phone number from the pc and paste it into the dialer on the smartphone.

I found a solution. I installed the following addon for Firefox.
Telephone Number Detection by CTI-Telephony
This makes the telephone numbers into links and when you click on them it will send them to your phone via KDEconnect. It would seem that when the addon is replacing a number with a link it puts a small blue telephone receiver image beside the new link so that you know it’s doing its job.

I tried a search for ‘hardware store’ and used the result of ‘The Best 10 Hardware Stores in…’ from Yelp. This gave me a listing, and each entry had a clickable link for the phone number. I had to set the Protocol Extension to replace ‘dial’ with ‘tel’ for it to work with KDEconnect but it seems to work just fine.

Now I’m looking for an addon that will get me a coffee or a beer.

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