[Solved] Triple Monitors


I am currently running nouveau drivers (or how ever yu spell it) and three monitors working fine
DVI-2 19201080 Monitor
HDMI-1 1920
1080 TV
VGA-1 1680*1050 Monitor (need to get another DVI cable for this)

If I start to use the nvidia drivers
a) will they auto detect monitors like currently

b) will I notice a diff in speed and quality of rendering

I have an Asus Nvidia Geoforce GT640

Thanks in advacne for your help


you can only tell by trying it and report back.


thanks for the reply

and is rollback easy to accomplish ?


The driver manager allows you with one or two clicks to switch back and forth.

OK thanks to all who assisted me today… its working :slight_smile:

Yet driver manager does now show any drivers.

nvidia-settings works - so I must be using Nvidia drivers

All still new to me… learning all the time

Thanks again