[SOLVED] uefi bios path

hello… AJSlye, i need your magic…

today i change my laptop display (aleluya) now, i dont have boot to grub, in my asus i can add uefi boot options, and now i have only windows options… i need the uefi path to grub o netrunner whatever, and the format to put this in uefi satan mode!

sorry my english… I’m with the nerves altered with this

Changing the LCD screen in your laptop should not effect booting.
Did you change some settings in the UEFI or Bios (legacy mode) while working on the lcd?

hello!! only test my laptop before put the screws again, but without hard disk, then i think that the bios resets this parameters

now… again in netrunner!!

probe various configurations, I did not know this from memory …

The path is \EFI\boot\bootx64.efi !!!
i hate UEFI!

thanks! You are a velociraptor!!

I’m glad to hear that you got it figured out.
Could you please mark the thread solved.

thank you!, in any forum I get a response of such quality as yours so quickly! so you’re a velociraptor! one fast!